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for the Unique and Adventurous

Destination Adventure Elopement Photographer

San Francisco & Las Vegas based

The two main reasons we hear from our clients about choosing elopement are: the sheer thought of planning a traditional wedding overwhelms them, and they crave the intimacy of being together, just the two of them. Do these concerns resonate with you?

My wife and I faced these very issues ten years ago. Much like many Asian cultures, our wedding was filled with guests invited by our parents—many of whom we didn’t even know. As introverts, the idea of walking down the aisle in front of strangers was daunting and far from enjoyable. We barely had moments with our friends, let alone each other. While I’m sure your traditional wedding could be wonderful, if any of this feels daunting or overwhelming, you might find a haven here.

When we discovered adventure elopement, it was a revelation. My wife's immediate reaction? 'That sounds fun; should we plan a vow renewal?' Despite our wedding being remembered fondly by her friends as one of the most enjoyable they’d attended, it didn’t feel like 'our' day—we missed 'us' time.

If you’ve decided to elope, congratulations! I’m here to ensure the information on my website helps you plan an unforgettable elopement day. But more than that, my aim isn’t just to do business with every couple. It’s to guide you toward a day filled with happiness and genuine connection.

Escape the Traditional Wedding Stress. Embrace the Adventure of Elopement.


behind the lens

Hello, I'm Eugene.

I love planning elopement day. If you'd like me help, I will be honoured. But if you would like to know why I love planning, probably it's best to click get to know me

get to know me

This is the process I value the most as it is where I get to learn a bit about you both from how you two met to why you would like to elope. Listening to these stories usually allows me to help you guide to the best elopement location as well as timing, if you have not decided yet. Also knowing you both little more will help you select a package just right for you.
Also this is a great opportunity to ask me all the questions you had when planning the adventure elopement. This is a commitment free call on Google Meets, and you can always decide to book me after.

 Consultation Call

Based on all the information you provided me during the consultation calls and couple of questionnaires you answered back in details, I can help you plan every little details from how to obtain a wedding permit, if needed one to what shoes to wear to the elopement spot or if the helicopter ride would be suitable in certain time of the year.


This is the day when everything comes together.
We did all the planning with multiple contingency plans, so there's no absolutely no reasons to worry. Because we have done so much preparation, we will enjoy ourselves and have the most amazing day of our life. I am so looking forward for being part of your special day.
It is going to be one extra-ordinary day!!

The D-Day

Our Three (3) Step Process

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Because we value hassle free planning, we made the pricing and packages page as easy as possible as well.
We understand planning an elopement, requires lots of research. (or send me an email, I could help you)

First, think of a region to elope.
If that place is in California, Oregon, Utah, Arizona or Nevada, select Local, from the list below.
If the area is outside these five states, but still within the U.S., select Rest of the U.S.
If the area is International, choose International

And yes, it is a flat rate by region regardless of distance and time it takes for me to travel.

easy & hassle free


The entire process was made very simple. Eugene helped me plan the entire wedding, pretty much. ... Eugene sends a form with questions that help you decide what you want on your wedding day. .... Eugene literally had our preview photos to us THAT NIGHT! They were everything I had asked for, sweeping vistas, stunning views and my new husband and I looking… well, great! ...

Eugene understood exactly what we were looking for and just nailed it.

Nicole & Spencer

It was truly the most unforgettable photo session with Eugene in the Joshua Tree National Park and Palm Springs! My husband and I are so happy that we could meet him. All the spots he found and suggested were amazing and we still remember every single moment that we had with him. We are really grateful for his passion and efforts!

My husband and I are so happy

Jimin & Seongwoo

We did an overnight photoshoot with Eugene for our engagement photos, and the results were truly amazing! He was very attentive to the little details we were looking for and was very professional! I would absolutely love to work with him again!!

He was very attentive to the little details...

Eunice & Doo Hyun

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