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Not just an investment.

timeless + Extraordinary photography for the Unique & Adventurous

Close your eyes and imagine you are standing on a cliff.
It is so quiet, you can hear the sunset.
And a gentle wind brushes your cheek.
You feel the warmth of your partner's hand, looking into each other's eyes.
And you cannot wait what tomorrow will bring you.

 a legacy.

Adventure without a goal is lost,
but if you have a goal and a plan to reach that goal, the adventure becomes fun and becomes all about the experience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"It's not the destination,
it's the journey that matters"

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We make things less complicated by including the travel fees in all of our packages. Let's say you are planning a wedding with me and you were set on elopement at Tulum, Mexico (fantastic spot by the way) but because it is closer you can always go and visit and want to elope at a destination that is little harder to get to unless it is a special occasion and also you saw this majestic giraffes manor in Kenya in a magazine and wants to go. At this point, you don't have to pay anything extra for me to get to Kenya even though it is much farther destination than Cancun from the U.S. There are a few conditions though, the destination has to be reachable by major airlines (no charter flights) and is accessible by 2 wheel sedan. If I have to the destination on a boat, helicopter, motorcycle and so on, there would be additional travel fees.

3. Travel Fees

We understand you had to promise your loved ones like your friends and families that you will show them photos and videos from the session so that they don't feel missed out. We are 100% focused on documenting the day to the fullest to ensure that your loved ones respect your decision. Also we deliver all these photos and videos using an online gallery, so that you can share them by just sending the link to the gallery. The gallery is complimentary and will live online for the whole year and you can decide to keep everything online for small subscription fee of $79/year

2. Deliverables

We understand that you need just a little more information to decide where and when to elope. And legal matters and finding vendors are not the easiest tasks as well.
Through consultation google meets, phone calls, text messages or emails, as well as questionnaires we created carefully to understand you more, we will provide you with the most extensive planning.
So you can elope with much more confident and enjoy each other's company on the most important day of you lives.

1. Consultations & Planning

When we were designing these packages, the number one goal was to make the entire process as easy as possible.
We hope we were able to include all the little details, but if you have other ideas, do let me know and we will build out a custom package for you.
First you will see things that are included in every packages.
Below you will see three packages category by region. Even if you are not 100% sure of where you would like to elope, you can get a sense of what we offer.
And yes, it is a flat rate by region regardless of distance and time it takes for me to travel.
The following will be included in every package:

easy & hassle free


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